TTR Slitter Industry

Here you will find all the machines about
ttr slitting: TTR Slitter, Mini TTR Slitter Rewinder,
Notch Cutter, Paper Core Cutter, Plastic Core for TTR

TTR Slitter Industry

TTR Slitter

TTR Slitter is specially designed for slitting Barcode Ribbon, Code Foil, Thermal Transfer Ribbon,Fax Ribbon, Coding Foil and so on.

ModelN1 N2-M N3-M
Web Width1010mm/1050mm
Max Unwinding650mm
Max Rewinding120mm/140mm
Leader TrailerManual/Semi/Full Auto
Processed MaterialTTR,Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Barcode Ribbon,Fax Ribbon,Coding Foil and so on

Mini TTR Slitter Rewinder

Mini TTR Slitter Rewinder is produced for rewind, re-slit and doctor the the finished roll of barcode ribbon,ttr.

Web width350mm/450mm
Max Unwinding120mm/300mm
Max Rewinding120mm/140
Leader TrailerNA/Manual
Processed MaterialTTR,Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Barcode Ribbon,Fax Ribbon,Coding Foil and so on

Notch Cutter

Notch Cutter is a professional machine to make notch on the paper core of barcode ribbon, it can works on both 1 inch and half inch paper core.

Notch Size5mm*4mm
Notch Angle180 degree or Single
Core Size1/2" and 1” Core
Cutting Thickness1mm-4mm
Air Source0.6-0.8 Mpa
Processed Material1 Inch Paper Core, Half Inch Paper Core

Paper Core Cutter

Paper Tube Cutter is produced for cutting the 1 inch and half inch tube which used for rewinding Barcode Ribbon, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, TTR

ModelCC330AN/ CC600A/ CC1500FA
Cutting Width330/600/1500mm
Mini Cutting Width10mm
Blade TypeCircle Blade
Core Inner Dia.Half Inch, 1 Inch
Cutting ThicknessMAX 5MM
Processed MaterialHalf inch Paper Core, 1 Inch Paper Core, 1.5 Inch and 3 Inch Paper Tube

Plastic Core for TTR

Plastic Core for TTR and Barcode Ribbon Industry, TTO, Video Jet, Monarch ,Paxar,Snap

ModelTTO Plastic Core Paxar Plastic Core Monarch Plastic Core Snap Plastic Core Video Jet Plastic Core Half Inch Plastic Core
Core Size1 Inch/Half Inch
Processed MaterialAll the plastic core and paper core for TTR industry using

Code Printer

Code Printer is a smart and professional machine to print code on paper core and plastic core which is used in TTR industry

Ink Jet PrinterMarkem/Leadjet Printer
Letters Qty.750,000 pcs
Air Supply0.6-0.8Mpa
Power Supply220V, 50Hz
Speed30-60 pcs/min
Process MaterialPlastic Core,Paper Core for TTR Industry