We support you to be different

HAVESINO is a producer and supplier of slitting, rewinding and coating machines for the packaging and label industry worldwide for more than 10 years. Stable quality with competitive price is our mission.

We Support You To Be Different

HAVESINO is a Slitter Rewinder and Coverting Machinery Producer and Supplier for the Packaging and Label Industry Worldwide Over 10 Years! Stable Quality with Competitive Price is Our Mission.

About Us

HAVESINO Group is a R&D and Manufacturer of slitter rewinders and converting machinery for the packing and label industry worldwide over 11 years,we have in excess of hundreds of machine installations worldwide!

HAVESINO’s primary goal is to build ergonomic machines that operators find easy to use, and maintenance personnel find easy to maintain. We believe that our customer’s prosperity is directly related to our success. That’s why, in all aspects of our operation, every effort is made to achieve nothing less than your total satisfaction.

Today,HAVESINO’s focus is on designing,manufacturing and servicing the highest quality slitter rewinders and other auto machinery in the world.

Selling the machine is not the end of the deal! Our faith is that a sale is never final without a commitment to service.

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After 11 years high developing, HAVESINO Group becomes bigger and stronger, in order to let more and more customer to know about HAVESINO, we start using a this new website from 4th of August of 2021. Our old wesites, www.havesino.com, www.havesinoslitter.com,www.ribbonslitter.com, are still working and will not stop. This new website still needs construction, more content will add in later, welcome your concern and visit! HAVESINO support you to be different.

In recent days, there are always many customers asking me for our Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter. So, today I will focus on introducing our company’s hot-selling product—-TRS350. This is a small, easy-to-operate smart Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter. Due to its low price and versatile functions, it is very popular among beginners or small and medium-sized TTR slitting companies. In addition, it can also be used as an auxiliary machine in conjunction with a large standard TTR slitting machine.

First, let me briefly introduce the basic specifications of our company’s Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter: the maximum width is 330mm, the maximum unwinding/rewinding diameter both are 120mm, the maximum working speed is 100m/min, and the minimum cutting width is 20mm. In addition, this Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter mainly slits and rewinds 1-inch and half-inch rolls.

With this powerful machine, you can easily rewind the long rolls into shorter one, change the wider rolls to narrow one and rewind ink inside to outside or reverse. Plus, it’s perfect for reusing defective rolls,which can help you save a lot of ribbons and costs.

Our Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter is built with high-quality materials and innovative technology, to offer a reliable and efficient solution for any production line. It can be placed on a tabletop, is designed to be user-friendly and offers a quick and easy setup process, so you can start using it right away.

Whether you are in the printing or packaging industry, this machine can help you. With the functions it has, the Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter can help you save costs as well as improve accuracy.

Here is a video of the Mini thermal transfer ribbon slitter.

We believe our TRS350 is the perfect choice for your business. So, don’t hesitate, get this machine in your factory as soon as possible!

The highly esteemed Rosupack exhibition in Russia, which showcases the latest advancements in packaging technology, has come to a close and Havesino has emerged triumphant. Havesino is a leading manufacturer of Film slitting rewinding machines and this exhibition presented us with an incredible opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and showcase our products to a global audience.

Here is a video of our Rosupack exhibition in Russia.

Havesino arrived well-prepared and set up an impressive display booth, which drew attention from visitors throughout the Rosupack exhibition in Russia. Customers were amazed at the range of machines that were on display, with many of them showing their faith in the Havesino brand. Our team tirelessly worked to present demonstration videos of our innovative machines in action and provide customers with comprehensive information regarding performance, efficiency, and other technical specifications. It’s no wonder that our efforts paid off, with the Company closing many deals and confirming a steady flow of orders even after the exhibition.

We was fully equipped to speak with clients from all over the world, demonstrating our high levels of professionalism and technical knowledge at every interaction. Havesino’s Film slitting rewinding machines proved to be a popular choice for customers looking for the best machinery in the soft packaging industry. The customer satisfaction rate was tremendously high for our machines and our presence at Rosupack exhibition in Russia solidified our reputation as a leading manufacturer in the sector.

The Rosupack exhibition in Russia has drawn to a close and we can take pride in our successful participation at the show. Our cutting-edge machines are a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and service. Our Company’s positive impact has resonated with customers on a global scale and has undoubtedly contributed to the advancement of the Packaging Industry as a whole. We looks forward to continuing our successful journey and meeting their customers’ needs in the future.

In conclusion, Havesino’s participation at Rosupack exhibition in Russia was a resounding success, demonstrating the brand’s capability to innovate and deliver quality products to their customers. With such an impressive showing, our Company’s Film slitting rewinding machines are set to become incredibly popular in the soft packaging industry, further enhancing our company’s global reputation for delivering first-class solutions to industry problems. Havesino will continue to pave the way forward in this field, constantly seeking new and exciting solutions to help take the industry to greater heights.

Havesino has recently launched a very popular and cost-effective semi-automatic Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN, mainly to meet the needs of our TTR,label,and film industry customers for paper tube slitting. The machine is a result of the latest technological advancements and is designed to provide precision cutting of paper tubes, enhancing the overall production efficiency.

Here is a video of our Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN test

The Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN is equipped with the latest technology that allows for the cutting of paper tubes with a diameter of minimum to 1/2 inch. The machine can cut tubes for max length of 600mm, providing a precise cut with an error margin of less than 0.1 mm. This machine’s unique feature is its ability to cut multiple tubes simultaneously, which significantly reduces the time taken for production.

The Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN is a semi-automatic machine. You only need to put the tube on the shaft and press the button to complete the slitting. This machine is also equipped with an automatic material pusher, which saves time in unloading. In addition to 1/2 inch, this machine can also slit 1 inch and 3 inch paper tubes to meet customers’ different paper tube slitting needs.

The Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN‘s design is user-friendly and highly efficient, with its sophisticated computer program controlling the cutting process. The machine is also equipped with safety features that reduce the potential for accidents during its operation. This machine has a compact body and is easy to transport. We will arrange for the whole machine to be transported in a wooden box. After arriving at the customer’s factory, it can start working after connecting to the power supply and air pump, which is easy to install.

The Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN‘s capabilities have been highly appreciated by the paper tube manufacturing industry as usage not only enhances the efficiency of the production process, but it also ensures a high level of precision and accuracy in the cutting of paper tubes. Many manufacturing industries have invested in this machine to increase production efficiency, meet customer demands, and reduce production costs.

In conclusion, the Half inch paper tube cutting machine CC600AN is an asset to the paper tube manufacturing industry. Its high-performance capabilities combined with its user-friendly design and safety features make it a favorite among manufacturers.

It’s time for our weekly live broadcast again. As several customers have recently inquired about fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder, so this week Havesino’s sales team will introduce the N3M-AS model of fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder.

At 3:00 pm on June 6, 2024, our live broadcast started. Here is the video of our live broadcast.

First of all, our company—-Havesino, is proud to offer the N3M-AS fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder as a premium choice for all your slitting needs. The maximum cutting speed of this machine is up to 500m/min, ensuring that the work is completed quickly and efficiently.

The main difference between this model of fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder and other machines is that it has a fully automatic leader trailer station, which not only reduces the waste of human resources, but also runs automatically and saves material waste. In addition, the machine is also equipped with Automatic Turret and Automatic Cross Cutting  for added convenience and efficiency.

Our company has always used only the highest quality components in our machines. That’s why the N3M-AS fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder is manufactured with parts from some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Siemens, Sanyo, Airtac and Omron. This ensures that our machines are not only of high quality, but also reliable and durable.

The most notable feature of the N3M-AS is its magnetic blade holder. This convenient feature allows for easy adjustment of the cutting width, ensuring precise cuts every time.

All in all, the N3M-AS fully automatic barcode ribbon slitter rewinder is a powerful and reliable choice for businesses of all sizes in the TTR industry. With its many advanced features and components, we are confident that this machine will exceed your expectations and provide a valuable asset to your operation.