Turkish Customer Visit Our Havesino New Factory


Turkish Customer Visit Our Havesino New Factory

Last week witnessed a significant visit from Turkish clients to the HAVESINO new factory in Hangzhou. The excursion was primarily focused on exploring HAVESINO’s cutting-edge PET film slitter technology.

After 10am in the morning, Klay and Julie from HAVESINO’s team extended a warm welcome by personally picking up the clients from their hotel. The journey to the factory was a short but scenic ride through Hangzhou’s vibrant streets.

Upon arrival at the factory, the HAVESINO team left no stone unturned in acquainting the clients with the intricate details of their PET film slitter and quality inspection machines. Every facet of the machinery was meticulously explained to ensure the visitors had a comprehensive understanding of HAVESINO’s cutting-edge technology.

The highlight of the visit was an engaging live demonstration of HAVESINO’s PET film slitter in action. The clients watched in awe as the machine precisely and efficiently cut PET film with unparalleled accuracy. This firsthand experience left a lasting impression on the visitors, showcasing the prowess of HAVESINO’s PET film slitter technology.

Here is the video of the machine showcase and customer visiting.

Following the machinery showcase, the HAVESINO team and the clients convened in the well-appointed conference room. The agenda revolved around detailed discussions on potential collaboration opportunities, future projects, and mutual business prospects. Both parties left the meeting room with a sense of enthusiasm and a clearer vision for future endeavors.

With business matters attended to, the HAVESINO team transitioned to ensuring their guests had a memorable visit beyond the factory walls. A guided tour of the enchanting West Lake in Hangzhou was organized, allowing the clients to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the city.

The entire visit was marked by a spirit of cooperation, hospitality, and open communication. The Turkish clients were not only impressed by HAVESINO’s cutting-edge technology but also by the warm reception and genuine interest shown by the HAVESINO team.

In conclusion, the visit from the Turkish clients served as a testament to HAVESINO’s commitment to providing innovative PET film slitter solutions to a global audience. It also reinforced the value of fostering strong international relationships to drive future success and collaboration in the post-press industry.