Separate unwinding fully automatic TTR slitter


Separate unwinding fully automatic TTR slitter

The Fully automatic TTR slitter is a brand-new design of a fully automatic carbon ribbon cutting machine. One of the key features of this machine is that it uses independent unwinding, which allows for larger unwinding diameters. After careful design, the ribbon feeding process has also become more convenient. Additionally, a defective inspection light review panel has been installed on this machine, which facilitates customers’ inspection of large roll defects.

This fully automatic ttr slitter uses advanced technology in its design to deliver outstanding performance. Its independent unwinding feature is a major boost to its functionality. By separating the unwinding process from the slitting process, the machine can accommodate larger unwinding diameters, making it a highly versatile machine. This feature enhances productivity as it reduces the need for frequent unwinding and consequent roll changes.

In addition, the jumbo ribbon feeding process is now much simpler and more efficient due to the improvements made by the design team. It is now much easier to pass the tape through the rollers, significantly lowering the risk of errors. This feature not only reduces the chances of errors, but also streamlines the process, which ultimately leads to greater efficiency.

Another feature of this fully automatic TTR slitter is the added defectives inspection light review panel board. This component makes it easy for operators to inspect large rolls of thermal transfer ribbon for any defects or flaws. This feature offers significant benefits to customers as they can now be confident that they will receive high-quality products.

In conclusion, the Fully automatic TTR slitter is a machine that has been designed to improve flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use. The separation of the unwinding process enhances its versatility, while the improved feeding process ensures reliable and accurate cutting. The addition of the defective inspection light review board further assures customers of the high-quality product they will receive. Overall, this machine is a must-have for businesses that need to rapidly and accurately cut large rolls of carbon tape.