China Manufacturer Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine


China Manufacturer Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine

On May 16, 2024, the weekly live broadcast event organized by the Havesino sales team was carried out in the factory as scheduled. On the one hand, in order to let the audience in the live broadcast room know more about the product knowledge of the Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine. On the other hand, in order to provide potential customers with first-hand information about the functions and advantages of each part of the machine. Therefore, they prepared for a whole morning.

At 2:50 pm that day, our live broadcast started. This is the video of our live broadcast.

Here are some basic specifications of our Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine: the slitting width of large rolls is 650mm-1010mm, and the maximum roll diameter of large rolls is 540mm. The minimum slitting width of small rolls is 20mm, the maximum roll diameter is 110mm, and the length is close to 1100 meters. The maximum cutting speed of this machine is 250m/min. In addition, we have equipped this machine with a semi-automatic leader trailer station. The purpose is to reduce waste and save customers a lot of ribbon costs.

This model of Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine is an ideal investment for companies in industries such as manufacturing, packaging and logistics because it has the following four advantages:

1. Efficiency

This machine can quickly slit large amounts of material into the required size and shape, improving production efficiency.

2. High precision

This machine uses advanced control systems and precision cutting tools to achieve high-precision cutting and ensure product quality.

3. Easy to operate

This machine uses an intelligent control system, which is simple and convenient to operate and does not require professional skills.

4. High safety

This machine uses multiple safety protection measures, such as safety doors, emergency stop buttons, etc. to ensure the safety of operators.

5. Versatility

It is a multi-functional machine that can handle barcode ribbons of various widths and lengths.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, we first introduced our company—-Havesino, in terms of the company’s history, business team, factory size, after-sales service and market conditions. Then we focused on the various components of the Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine.  We also showed you the electrical cabinet, introduced the components inside one by one and explained how the components work together to ensure that the barcode ribbon can be accurately cut. We also highlighted the machine’s user-friendly interface, as this is exactly what makes the machine “Easy to operate”. It allows the operator to easily set and adjust parameters without requiring much technical skills.

In conclusion, today, our live broadcast was very successful, not only arousing great interest in the Barcode Ribbon Slitter Rewinder Machine, but also demonstrating the value of investing in this product to potential customers by showing the machine’s functions and advantages.