Successful Deal: Primary Film Slitter Rewinder Finds its Way to Costa Rica customer


Successful Deal: Primary Film Slitter Rewinder Finds its Way to Costa Rica customer

In May, we initiated contact with one of the largest local soft packaging manufacturing facilities in Costa Rica via email. Our discussions centered around HAVESINO’s most sought-after primary film slitter rewinder, the HN1300. With its impressive specifications including a 1300MM working width, 800MM unwind diameter, 600MM rewind diameter, and the ability to slit widths as narrow as 40MM, the HN1300 primary film slitter rewinder had all the right features.

Our client in Costa Rica was intrigued after viewing HAVESINO’s comprehensive HN1300 operation video and performance demonstrations. They felt our machine was a perfect match for their needs. To delve deeper into the machine’s specifics, Klay and one of our engineers conducted a video conference with the client. During this virtual meeting, Klay patiently addressed all client inquiries, leaving them with an in-depth understanding of our HN1300.

After a period of careful evaluation, our client in Costa Rica made the decision to partner with HAVESINO for their 
primary film slitter rewinder needs. While we may not have offered the lowest price on the market, our offering was 
unquestionably the most cost-effective. The client conducted a thorough feasibility assessment,  considering various factors, and ultimately chose us as their trusted partner.

Fast forward to August, and our HN1300 was in production at our factory. We anticipate delivering it to our client by the end of September. This successful deal marks the beginning of what we hope will be a fruitful partnership.

This story underscores the vital role that open and effective communication played in bridging the gap between HAVESINO and our Costa Rican client. Trust was established, questions were answered, and needs were met, all thanks to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We look forward to further collaboration with our valued client as we continue to provide top-notch solutions in the field of primary film slitter rewinders.