Successful case with Polish customer on TTR slitting rewinding machine


Successful case with Polish customer on TTR slitting rewinding machine

On January 13, 2023, I received an inquiry from a Polish customer about TTR slitting rewinding machine and automatic notch cutter. Unfortunately, the email went to my spam folder and I didn’t discover it until two days later. Thanks to the god, there is WhatsApp number in the email, I reached out to the customer at once even it is 10 p.m. in China.

Through the communication at the beginning, i get the information that customer mainly sell labels, some customer will also ask for TTR ribbon, that’s why they were interested in purchasing a TTR slitting rewinding machine, purchase plan depends on the price, not urgent project. As customer does not have much experience in TTR industry, he asked me many technical questions like how to set the blade, how to set the tension, what’s the leader quality and size, etc., after explained him one by one, he is pleased to talk with me and let him know a lot. After settling down the model of TTR slitting rewinding machine, customer told me he also wanted to buy a fully automatic notch cutter because manual notch cutter is slow, after i sent him two prices, he was hesitated. In this case, i did not persuade him to buy the automatic notch cutter, instead, i suggest him start from a manual one, later when he has more experience and more volume, then he can consider an automatic one. He accept it gladly.

Because no experience in ttr slitting and we are far away from Poland, customer expressed his worry on machine installation and operation issue. I send him an online video with customer to provide him training service, also show him videos how to connect the machine and whole operation process. What’s more, to let him be confident, i send our customer comments after he installed the machine. I promised him no matter what happens, we will give him 100% support. My professionalism and expertise convinced the customer, so we move on price negotiation. Customer told me honestly, he compared our price with some other competitors, after analyzing the workmanship of machine, the functions, the components, our price is at a reasonable level, if with same configuration, we are the most competitive offer, so we reached agreement on price very soon. After that, customer told me payment will be arranged before Feb 10. During these day, we keep in touch with customer, keeping the communication open and friendly. During our conversations, I discovered that the customer was one of my Facebook friends and had been following me for some time. It is so amazing.

On February 8th, we got the prepayment and start the production. You can see the following test video of the TTR slitting machine N1 model before shipment.

At the end of June, machine arrived his factory and can’t wait to send me a picture.

After help customer do installation and start up the operation, customer is surprised on our good service.
I not only successfully closed a sale but also gained a loyal customer who valued my expertise and professionalism. This experience taught me the importance of paying attention to all inquiries and maintaining a positive relationship with customers throughout the entire sales process.