Navigating Twists and Turns: A Tale of Sealing the Deal with an Indian Client on thermal transfer ribbon slitting rewinding machine


Navigating Twists and Turns: A Tale of Sealing the Deal with an Indian Client on thermal transfer ribbon slitting rewinding machine

In the realm of business negotiations, there are moments that truly test the art of persuasion and patience. This is the story of an Indian client, introduced through a mutual acquaintance in September of the previous year, whose journey from initial hesitation to final commitment was a labyrinthine path of compromise and communication.

The story begins with an introduction. A prospective client from India expressed interest in acquiring a thermal transfer ribbon slitting rewinding machine from us. Armed with a reputation for shrewd bargaining, he approached the negotiation table with an extremely modest budget – one that seemed almost implausible. However, rather than being deterred, I recognized an opportunity to demonstrate the value of our product.

With an understanding of his budget constraints, I embarked on a focused dialogue. I underscored our commitment to excellence by highlighting the integration of globally recognized components equipped on our thermal transfer ribbon slitting rewinding machine. I emphasized the Siemens PLC systems’ reliability, and the precision of the servo motors hailing from Taiwan. These details aimed to accentuate the high quality of our machinery and its potential impact on his operations.

As conversations evolved, a small breakthrough emerged. The client, though reluctantly, agreed to nudge his budget slightly upward. This minor adjustment signified a willingness to consider our proposition more seriously. Building on this momentum, I presented a compilation of testimonials from other clients who had successfully incorporated our machines into their operations. These testimonials, portraying the consistent quality and prompt after-sales support, painted a vivid picture of the reliability that our machines offered.

The journey, however, remained a circuitous one. Bargaining and deliberation persisted, each step inching closer to a resolution. What was once an unyielding negotiator gradually transformed into an inquisitive individual, intrigued by the possibilities that our machinery presented. The focus gradually shifted from the numbers to the comprehensive benefits that came bundled with our solution.

Finally, after a series of convoluted discussions, the breakthrough arrived. A deal was struck, and the decision to purchase our machinery was made. The client, once characterized by relentless negotiation, was now an appreciator of value and quality. The rollercoaster ride of negotiation had brought us to this moment – a moment that underscored the triumph of mutual understanding and compromise.

Now customer is using our thermal transfer ribbon slitting rewinding machine happily, he told me after he starts slitting, orders are getting more and more per month. They will consider a new slitter in 6 month. We are so glad to hear customer do a great job on their business, and looking forward to more cooperation with them.