Multifunctional desk ttr rewinder


Multifunctional desk ttr rewinder

Introducing the Desk TTR Rewinder – the essential tool for any small-scale production endeavor. This robust device handles an array of tasks, from cutting thermal transfer ribbon, barcode ribbon, fax ribbon to slicing hot stamping films, with ease. Its compact design, reasonable price point, and functionality make it the ultimate investment for businesses seeking operational efficiency and increased productivity.

In our video, we showcase the seamless operation of the Desk TTR Rewinder, effortlessly converting a wide 330mm roll into three 110mm rolls, each boasting an impressive length of 895 meters. The machine slices the material with precision and efficiency, ensuring a perfect fit for any project.

Specification of the mini rewinder TRS350:
Max jumbo width:330mm
Max unwinding diameter:120mm
Max rewinding diameter:120mm
Mini slitting width:20mm
Max working speed:80m/min

Whether you’re managing a modest operation or aiming to ramp up output without incurring significant costs, the Desk TTR Rewinder offers an optimal solution. It optimizes the production process, saving valuable time and enabling you to handle more projects while meeting deadlines effortlessly.

In summary, the Desk TTR Rewinder stands out as a compact, versatile, and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking productivity enhancements. Don’t hesitate – invest in the Desk TTR Rewinder today and propel your operations to new heights!If you have interest, contact me freely:, WhatsApp: 8615757042633