Mini ttr slitting machine


Mini ttr slitting machine

On February 23, 2024, we received an inquiry from a customer in the Philippines. He said that he got our reference through one of our old customers and wanted to inquire mini TTR slitting machine.

Our Mini TTR slitting machine can load max 330mm width jumbo, max unwinding diameter is 120mm, so customers request 330mmx900m accommodation on this machine is no problem at all. It can work with both 1 inch and half inch roll rewinding and equipped with magnetic blade holder. After we showed customer photos, videos, the customer confirms it is perfect for him.

During the subsequent communication process, we learned that this customer also bought a mini TTR slitter long time ago. Over the years, the customer has not cut a large ammount of ribbons, so they have always used their old machine. But now as the production capacity increases, customers are worried that the efficiency will not keep up if they only use an old machine, so they want to buy a new mini TTR slitting machine as a backup, so that the efficiency can also be improved.

After we quoted the price to the customer, the customer initially did not reply immediately. After a period of window period, the customer replied that he hoped to see the machine in the factory before placing an order, so he made an appointment to visit the factory in mid-March. We showed warm welcome to customer’s visiting and show him around our factory and our strength.

As time goes by, before customer fix the visiting schedule, we keeps sending customers related photos and videos of the mini TTR slitter one after another. Until early March, the customer asked us about a new model – a manual notch cutter machine. According to the customer’s request, we recommended the manual notch cutter machine that is often purchased in the TTR industry to the customer. The customer was also very satisfied with our timely and efficient reply, and confirmed with us that the Mini TTR slitter and Manual Notch Cutter will be ordered together in the future.

As we expected, due to our efficient, professional and timely response, the customer placed an order with us before coming to China in mid-March, and the payment was also timely.

In the course of our communication with a new customer, we encountered some initial challenges due to not having met in person or having the opportunity to visit their facilities. However, we took a proactive approach to build a relationship built on trust and transparency.

Through consistent and timely communication, we were able to resolve issues and provide solutions for our customer. As a result, their doubts and concerns were dispelled and they began to place more confidence in our abilities.

We are proud to have been able to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and deliver exceptional service. Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize effective communication and build strong partnerships with all of our clients.