HN1300R Inspection Rewinder Operates at Unprecedented 400M/MIN Speed


HN1300R Inspection Rewinder Operates at Unprecedented 400M/MIN Speed

In a groundbreaking achievement that redefines industry standards, the HN1300R Inspection Rewinder has successfully demonstrated its remarkable capabilities by achieving an extraordinary operational speed of 400 meters per minute (M/MIN) within a manufacturing facility. This milestone highlights the machine’s exceptional efficiency and advanced technology.

Here Please check the video of HN1300R inspection rewinder working in our factory.

The Inspection Rewinder introduces an innovative approach to defect detection through the integration of strobe lights. By utilizing these advanced lights, the machine significantly enhances its ability to identify and rectify material defects with unmatched precision and accuracy. This cutting-edge technology assures a higher quality output and impeccable material integrity.

Key specifications of the HN1300R inspection rewinder include:
– Working Width: 1300MM
– Unwinding Diameter: 800MM
– Rewinding Diameter: 800MM
– Shaftless Design for Both Unwinding and Rewinding Sides
– Hydraulic Lifting Mechanism on Both Sides

The seamless integration of a shaftless design with hydraulic lifting mechanisms on both the unwinding and rewinding sides elevates the inspection rewinder’s efficiency and user convenience. This design innovation ensures smoother operations, minimal downtime, and increased ease of material handling.

The successful demonstration of the HN1300R’s high-speed operation and defect detection capabilities marks a significant advancement in the industry’s machinery technology. With its unparalleled speed and meticulous defect-checking mechanism, the HN1300R empowers manufacturers to achieve new heights of efficiency and product quality.

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This achievement underscores our commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our valued clients.