HN1300 Film Slitter Rewinder Achieves Remarkable Success with 25MM Rewinding Width


HN1300 Film Slitter Rewinder Achieves Remarkable Success with 25MM Rewinding Width

In a groundbreaking achievement, the HN1300 film slitter rewinder, manufactured by Havesino, has demonstrated exceptional work by flawlessly slitting printed film at a narrow 25MM rewinding width. What’s more surprising is that we achieve this feat at a high speed of 500m/min using the Razor blade cutting system.

The HN1300, known for its reliability and precision, has once again proven its versatility by flawlessly handling the demanding task of slitting printed film at such a narrow rewinding width. The machine boasts remarkable parameters that have significantly contributed to its success. You can check the video below.

With a working width of 1300MM, the film slitter rewinder provides ample space for precise slitting, and its maximum unwinding diameter of 800MM ensures a continuous and uninterrupted workflow. The film slitter rewinder machine’s capability to rewind the slit film at a maximum diameter of 600MM ensures efficient and convenient roll changeovers, further enhancing productivity.

The key highlight of this achievement lies in the HN1300’s working speed of 500M/MIN. This impressive speed allows for seamless, high-speed slitting, saving valuable production time and increasing output capacity, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking both speed and accuracy.

With the success of the 25MM rewinding width, film slitter rewinder was captured in a captivating video that showcased the HN1300 in action. The video depicts the machine effortlessly and precisely slitting the printed film at the designated width with utmost stability and consistency, further solidifying its reputation as an industry-leading solution.

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