High-Speed HN500R Inspection Rewinding Machine


High-Speed HN500R Inspection Rewinding Machine

In an impressive display of cutting-edge technology, the HN500R Inspection Rewinding Machine work as a smart machine, operating at an astounding speed of 350 meters per minute. This milestone not only showcases the machine’s exceptional capabilities but also underscores its role in enhancing production efficiency for the industry.

You can refer to the following test video in our factory.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the HN500R inspection rewinding machine demonstrates its prowess by flawlessly inspecting material printing defects while maintaining a steady pace. Its 500mm working width ensures versatility, catering to a range of materials and applications. With an unwinding diameter of 600mm and a corresponding rewinding diameter, this machine efficiently manages the material flow, reducing downtime.

One of the standout features of the inspection rewinding machine is the air shaft design on both the unwinding and rewinding sides. We can use different size of rewinding shafts on the machine to deal with different slitting tasks.

Our HN500R inspection rewinder combine high-speed operation, precision defect inspection, and user-friendly design, this machine paves the way for a new standard of efficiency in the industry.

HN500R Basic Specification:
Unwinding and Rewinding Dia. Max600mm
Both Unwinding and Rewinding Width 500mm
Mini Rewinding Width 30mm
Max Working Speed 350m/min

For those seeking to elevate their production processes and enhance output quality, HN500R proves to be a game-changer. To learn more about this remarkable technology and its potential impact on your operations, please contact us:

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