Fully automatic TTR slitter machine work in Avery Dennison


Fully automatic TTR slitter machine work in Avery Dennison

The fully automatic TTR slitter machine has become a popular choice for many large companies due to its advanced technology, fast speed, and high efficiency. The machine has the capability of automatically pulling the leader without any manual operation. It can make the slitting process faster and more efficient. Additionally, the machine has a unique feature that it will automatically turns over and cuts off the leading film after finishing slitting process.

At the end of last year, we shipped a fully automatic ttr slitting machine to Avery Dennison. In March, we made an on-site training. In their factory, we saw our barcode ribbon slitter machine works well in their factory. The goal of our visit is to train the staff on how to operate the machine more effectively to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

During the training session, our engineer explained and displayed each button function. Meanwhile he demonstrated how the machine can save time and increase productivity. And give solution on how to reduce the risk of errors during the slitting process. Then our engineer also operated the machine from the beginning and let the operator know more clear about each step. After that the staff works more quickly on production and get more familiar the machine. Lastly we also emphasized the importance of regular maintenance to keep the machine running smoothly and efficiently.

Avery Dennison Company was impressed with the capabilities of the fully automatic TTR slitter machine. They expressed their satisfaction with the training session and feel pleased with the opportunity to learn more about the machine and know its advanced technology. Our efforts on providing on-site training and guidance is so appreciated by them.

We both do hope to have more cooperation in the future and establish a long term business relationship. We believe that the fully automatic TTR slitter machine has the potential to revolutionize the slitting process. And increase efficiency in various industries. We will continue to invest in research and development to improve the machine’s capabilities and ensure that it remains at the forefront of technological advancement in the slitting industry.

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