Fast Speed Printed film slitter


Fast Speed Printed film slitter

Last week, we conducted a pre-delivery test on our printed film slitter HN1300 for our Turkish customer. During the testing period, we took detailed photographs of every part of the machine and evaluated its slitting performance on printed film materials at a speed of 500M/MIN. After the test, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the machine’s performance and now machine is being packed and waiting for shipping.

The pre-delivery test on the printed film slitter was a crucial step in ensuring the machine’s quality and performance before it is shipped to our valued customer. For every machine, Our team meticulously examined every component, capturing images to document its condition and functionality. This not only provides our customer with a comprehensive view of the machine but also serves as a reference for future maintenance and troubleshooting.

During the test, we focused on evaluating the machine’s slitting capabilities on various types of materials. The printed film slitter HN1300 demonstrated exceptional precision and efficiency in achieving clean and accurate cuts, even at high speeds. Our customer was impressed with the machine’s ability to handle the demanding requirements of their production line.

We greatly value our relationship with our Turkish customer and are committed to delivering high-quality machines that meet their exact needs. We look forward to fostering a long-term partnership, providing ongoing support, and exploring new opportunities together.