Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine


Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine

On the morning of March 15, 2024, Havesino’s sales team went to the factory to showcase their popular product – Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine. We excited to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities and provide potential customers with first-hand information on the features and benefits of each part of the machine.

Here is a video of our livestream on March 15th.

The slitting width of large rolls of our Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine is 650mm-1010mm, and the maximum rolling diameter of large rolls is 540mm. The minimum slitting width of small rolls is 20mm, and the maximum roll diameter is 110mm, which is almost 1100 meters in length. The maximum cutting speed of this machine is 250m/min. We also equipped this machine with a semi-automatic leader and trailer station, which can save customers a lot of ribbon costs.

The Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine is a state-of-the-art machine that is designed to cut thermal transfer ribbons (TTR) with speed and accuracy. It is a versatile machine that can handle a range of widths and lengths of TTR, making it an ideal investment for businesses in industries such as manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

During the live stream, we provided an in-depth look at the various components of the Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine. We discussed the machine’s high-speed motor and explained how it works in tandem with the machine’s other components to ensure precision cutting of TTR. We also highlighted the machine’s user-friendly interface, which allows operators to easily adjust settings and troubleshoot issues.

Overall, our live stream was a success, and it generated a lot of interest in the Carbon Ribbon Slitting Machine. By showcasing the machine’s features and benefits, we demonstrated the value of investing in this product to potential customers.