The HN STANDARD SERIES slitter rewinder with integrated unwind and rewind unit provide a cost effective slitting solution from mid to wide web material.


Web width




Max rewind diameter


Mini. slit width

Processed material: BOPP,PET,PE,LDPE,HDPE,OPP,other primary film, paper,laminate and so on

Improve your efficiency

Efficiency and productivity is the key for success. PLUTO III.2 is equipped with following features increasing efficiency.


2 kind of rewinding system: Normal Air Shaft and Slipping Air Shaft

Full width pressing rollers by air control to ensure the finished roll surface keep smooth;

Small indiviual press roller specially designed for the individual roll which not average thickness

Manual laser core position units help to set paper/plastic cores easily and quickly, begin next slit run with very short downtime.

Automatic tension control to ensure the rewinding tension stable.

Blade Unit

Shavor or Razor blade setting easily setting by wrench losing and fixing, very quick and easy;

Shear Circle Blade slit for all kind of material stable slitting at high speed.(Optional)

Air Shear Blade system: up blade is using self-locking blade, it can easily move and fix by the screw; down blade setting by air shaft system, lose and fix the blade through the air deflating and filling, saves 50% time than the traditional way; ( Optional)


Manual finished roll unloading Device to help unload finished rolls conveniently; Auto Vertical Roll Unloading Device (Optional)


Air Brake with load cell close loop system for unwind tension control

3 inch and 6 inch shaftless uwinding system, easily change the jumbo roll;

Material splice table, easy change and guarantee edge consistency

4EPC PAUSOURCE TAIWAN edge guider can following edge and the printing line both model;

Back Control Button & Screen Display make the operator easily control the slitter at back side