HN-F Series Slitter

HN-F Series Slitter is specially designed for big unwinding diameter rolls slitting, like Big primary film and laminated roll more than 800mm, or Paper,Adhesive Label rolls which diameter more than 1000mm.

1300/ 1600/ 1800/ 2000mm

Web Width




Max Rewind Diameter


Mini Slit Width

Processed material: BOPP,PET,PE,LDPE,HDPE,OPP,other primary film, paper,adhesive label,laminate and more

Automatic Tension Control

Simple and easy set, smart and clever to make the operation very easy.

Slipping Friction Air Shaft

Faster and stable for think and narrow material slitting

Unloading Mechanism

Delivers the finished slit rolls to a turret stand, the stand rotates in a horizontal or vertical direction

Unloading Turret Stand

It rotates both in a horizontal and vertical direction

Shaft-less Unwinding

Shaft-less hydraulic tilting arms ensure easy parent roll handling.

Splicing Table

A splicing table with two pneumatic holders enables easy and precise web splicing.

Shavor/Razor Blade System

Fast quick width setting, saves time of adjusting the width

Shear Circle Blade

Slit for all kind of material stable slitting at high speed.

Servo Drives

With famous brand servo motors to ensure the tension control stabel.